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Family Service Association (FSA) is a non-governmental, non-partisan, and non-for-profit organization, established in the year 2000 by group of volunteer Ethiopian professionals with rich experience in gender, human right, RH/FP and HIV/AIDS as well as other multi-sectoral development.

FSA is established to alleviating the socio-economic problems of women, the youth, children and other disadvantaged segments of the society and in response to the increasing incidents of violence against women (VAW) and children. FSA has Three Years Strategic Plan and Management (SPM) document that guides its strategic direction, action plans, human Resources and monitoring and evaluation system.

About Us

Empowering Women is Empowering the Society

Family Service Association has been implementing various projects and playing a leading and exemplary role in addressing domestic violence through its shelter service. In the past few years, alone through FSA’s intervention more than 6,000 women have been economically empowered by creating small enterprises supported by training and loans services. Through its unique door-to-door social work model around 20,000 households have been reached on packages related with women’s rights, reproductive health, personal and environmental hygiene, HIV/AIDS and participated in school support programs.  FSA is also supporting women who are survivors of gender-based violence and supported and rehabilitated 800 women.

What We Do?

Project Implementation

Since its establishment FSA has engaged in various projects (i) Integrated Community Based Development Programs in  Addis Ababa City Administration and (ii) Temporary Shelter that serves as a Safe House for women and young girls that have survived Gender Based Violence.


Reproductive Maternal and Neonatal Health (RMNH)

FSA working on Reproductive Maternal and Neonatal Health (RMNH) services and enhancing the accountability of Service providers and increase the awareness of women girls and vulnerable groups to seek RMNH Services in TeruWoreda , Zone Four of Afar Regional State.

Awareness creation for women, girls and vulnerable groups to seek RMNH

Awareness creation on RH/FP/HIV/AIDS and GBV, IGAs, Business Skill Orientation, and family matters


Economic Empowerment

One of the program of FSA is Economic Empowerment. In the past few years, alone FSA reached more than 6,000 women through economic activity by creating small enterprises supported by training and loans services.


Emergency response

Provision of emergency food (including high energy biscuits), clean water and temporary shelter for displaced people. Create access to basic medical care and facilities for 1000 displaced people in Assosa.


Basic Business Skill Training

Helping individuals and small business owners get the resources they need to start help and their businesses succeed is one of the main objectives of proving them training.


Latest Events

Basic Business Skill Training

RMNH accountability enhancement training

Economic Empowerment Activity

Emergency Response

Children supported under school program

educational material support

School feeding Birhan Guzo, Edget Behibret, Miss Ford primary school

SGBV Protection and Response to Conflict Affected Women & Girls in Afar

Vocational skill training trainees

Nutritional Support during COVID 19 pandemic and Sanitary materials

Shelter Program

Counseling service

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